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Alex Friedman is an LA-based comedy writer who grew up in Cobb County, Georgia – a school district once made famous for putting "evolution is just a theory" stickers in the biology textbooks. Her comedy has been featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers and Elizabeth Banks' WHOHAHA. Alex’s video poking fun at brands during the Covid-19 crisis went viral in September 2020 with 2.6M+ views. Her popular Twitter videos have also satirized the news media, Congressional Republicans, and a recent Supreme Court nominee.


She studied history at Penn, has worked in news (Nightline, CNN) and late night (Late Night with Seth Meyers) and plans on becoming an astronaut if comedy doesn’t work out. She loves to write strange, silly, dark comedies about independent women who curse a lot, but she has no fucking idea where she gets that from.

She would love to work with you. How do I know? I'm her.

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